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When it comes to protecting your bussiness,assets, properties or customers, we take pride in our work. Offering exceptional Guarding, Event Guarding or Door Supervision services all across the UK.


Our agents monitor and secure a specific site (building, residential or estate protection, premises, etc.). To ensure safety and tranquillity, access and attendance are controlled according to predefined criteria.

Event Guarding

We ensure the safety of all types of events, large or small, private or public, by installing entry and exit control systems, crowd management, risk analysis, diagnosis and sizing, filtering and palpation, reception, orientation, and so on. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for attendees while minimising the risk of disruptions and property damage.

Door Supervision

our agents are proficient with managing big crowds and queues, making sure all the attendents are safe and secure at all time, by checking for any illegal items, tickets, ID's and etc. Our staff is well trained in physically interventing and escorting people out of the venue if necessary, deal with emergencies and co-operating with police, first aiders and management.

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Perfection Anytime

Delivering second to none service at all time, with no exceptions.

24/7 Communication

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to deal with any of your requests.

Our Fleet

Being mobile in the security world is always being benefitual in order to deliver better services at all times.

Emergency Help

Being well-prepared for any emergency situation is crutial in the modern world of security.

Advance Technology

From body cameras to stabbing proof vests, we use the latest technology and always keep on improving it.

Licensed Officer

Our officers are licensed and trained to the highest standart on the latest regulations in the security industry.

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