Your Trusted Security Partner

Our main goal at GuardingMax is to offer individualised security services to companies all over the UK. We are able to do this, and we can do it to the highest standard, thanks to our SIA-licensed guards.

Even though we have SIA approval, we still put in a lot of effort to consistently provide, enhance, and upgrade our security services. To accomplish this, we conduct quarterly client communications to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the security we offer. This assists in highlighting areas for improvement that we can change to advance the company.


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Security Solutions

As a security company in London, our goal is clear: We want to provide a reliable security service with the utmost care and consideration.

Our service is constantly being improved. We consider any customer feedback after every service rendered and work closely with our guards to ensure they receive top-notch training so that we can deliver a more effective service on our subsequent job.

We give it top priority to continuously train our security officers so they can function effectively in any situation, so they can work in any industry. Our security officers are certified to work in a variety of fields. encompassing security in student housing and construction. You can be sure that your business in London is receiving the best protection possible because each of our security officers has undergone training, vetting, and is licenced by the SIA.

Staff Members:

Bogdan Yanev
Founder and Ceo of GuardingMax
Born in Bulgaria, Bogdan came to the UK in 2018. Graduated in University of Sunderland in 2022, Bogdan earned his Bachelor in Business Management. Bogdan brings with him a wealth of experience from a diverse sports background, including wrestling, powerlifting, boxing and mixed martial arts. These pursuits have instilled in him invaluable qualities of discipline and a strong vision for safeguarding others.
Taty Konde Kuvuna
Founder and COO of GuardingMax
A native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Taty came to the UK in 2013 from Italy where he was born and raised. A discipline and ambitious professional aiming to deliver the highest quality service in the industry of security. Taty has a strong football background as well as experience in business management.
Patrick OPOKU
Operation Manager and Trainer of GuardingMax
Patrick Opoku was born in Italy and came to London in 2013 at the age of 16. Business Management graduate from Kingston University, graduate in 2021. His experience with security dates back to 2017 . Aside from retail and corporate, he has also worked in clubs and pubs, hotels, events, and other sectors. These experiences thought him a lot about the security business and enhanced his skills such as communication, organisational and problem solving skills.